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Active spring with Brink RMC

The weather is getting better and better and encourages to spend some time outside walking or riding a bike. Brink developed a special type of tow bar – RMC tow bar – especially for people who would like to take their bikes outside the city. The tow bar is suitable for mounting a bicycle carrier. An additional safety mechanism is fitted to the tow ball that prevents a caravan or trailer from being attached. It makes the RMC tow bar perfect for small and environmentally-friendly cars (non-towing vehicles). The detachable system used in this type of tow bar is user-friendly. To remove the tow ball just push and twist a special element, which releases tow ball.

The product is available for such cars models as Toyota Prius, Tesla S, Kia Picanto, Nissan Micra IV or Volkswagen Up.